Sponsor a Cottage and Become a Village Founder

Join the Academic Village Founder’s Circle by sponsoring a cottage for $25,000 and help us raise the funds needed to renovate all of the village cottages before opening day this spring. 

Four of the cottages have already been sponsored so only three remain!  

The terms are as follows.

1.  Cottage sponsors will be known as Seaside’s “Village Founders.” Each founder will have naming rights to his/her sponsored cottage, and a sign or plaque will be displayed on the cottage with that name. Signage to be determined by the Seaside Institute. 

2.  Founders will have access to the entire village for three weeks. These three weeks can be taken any time over the next five years but must be taken in week-increments and not conflict with Institute programming.  Founders may schedule a work conference or retreat in the village, or donate the weeks to a non-profit organization.  The cottages can not be advertised or used as public rental property and will be used only in coordination with the Seaside Institute. Please contact Institute director Diane Dorney for further details about this benefit.

During the next couple of months, we will see this long awaited project go from vision to reality.  Don’t miss your opportunity to “get in on it” with us.


Diane Dorney, Director

The Seaside Institute



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