Cottage Installations: Day Two

Cottage Installations:  Day Two

The 7th and final cottage was placed on the last foundation this morning at 9:30 a.m. The cottage will be ADA compliant and have ADA access to it with a ramp constructed on the Smolian Circle side. Still lots to do at the site between now and our (hopeful) completion date of April 30. A large boardwalk will be built to connect all of the cottages and form a central space for gathering. The access ramp and a living fence along Smolian will be built. And, a porch will be added to the center cottage on the south side to provide aesthetic balance. In addition, a large 10 X 20 roof will also be added to the same cottage on the Lyceum side. This will form a large porch, which will be furnished with tables and chairs.

Photo by Brandan Babineaux


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