Seaside’s Academic Village

Seaside's Academic Village

After the installation of the cottages, the boardwalks, steps (stadium seating for the Lyceum lawn) fencing and other work took place. Recently, sculptor Mark Dickson from Tallahassee, gave the Seaside Institute “Messenger,” a 10-foot high, 600 lb. sculpture, to keep on display in the Village for several years. A very successful fundraiser was held to outfit the space with tables and chairs. In the last few months, the Village has been used by student and faculty from a half-dozen universities, writers, painters, and photographers for workshops and hosted several conferences. We consider this project a huge success already.


Cottage Installations: Day Two

Cottage Installations:  Day Two

The 7th and final cottage was placed on the last foundation this morning at 9:30 a.m. The cottage will be ADA compliant and have ADA access to it with a ramp constructed on the Smolian Circle side. Still lots to do at the site between now and our (hopeful) completion date of April 30. A large boardwalk will be built to connect all of the cottages and form a central space for gathering. The access ramp and a living fence along Smolian will be built. And, a porch will be added to the center cottage on the south side to provide aesthetic balance. In addition, a large 10 X 20 roof will also be added to the same cottage on the Lyceum side. This will form a large porch, which will be furnished with tables and chairs.

Photo by Brandan Babineaux